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Akamaru Inu

The first information hub on safe investing into tokens from decentralized exchanges. Exclusive dApps to earn passive income.


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What is AKAMARU?

Akamaru (赤丸, Akamaru) is a nin-dog (忍犬, ninken) from Naruto.


He was tokenized to help investors understand risks and develop cute tools to make safe decisions a little more simple.


Akamaru dAPPS

Akamaru Love

dAPP customized for Akamaru. Deposit your anime tokens and earn a passive income.

APY varies*

Akamaru P2E

Web browser game to earn $AKAMARU. This will initially be available on PC and later Android/iOS.


A series of articles, videos, and podcasts educating the public about crypto, memecoins, and features. Some features include staking, P2E, and much more.


Our Partners

Here are a few people that we've worked with.
Many more are coming soon.



10% Tax Per Transaction

2% to Holders

2% to Grants

6% to Development



Current Phase: 2

Phase 1

$AKAMARU listing on Uniswap

Tracking Listings Expedited

Extensive Marketing and Development

Development of dApps

Whitepaper Release

Phase 2

Website revamp

$aLOVE uniswap listing

Akamaru P2E Launch

Partnerships secured

Continued development of future dAPPS

International Marketing

Phase 3

Extensive marketing of dAPPs launch

Akamaru Love beta release

Writing of AkamaruEdu

Smart contract audits

More partnerships

Phase 4

Akamaru NFT release and staking of NFTs

Articles released for AkamaruEdu

Updates to all dAPPs

CEX listings